Acupuncture Clinic and COVID safety protocols. (updated 25/11/21)

Dear Clients,

I continue to practice with a strict health and safety protocol to ensure the clinic is as secure as possible against coronavirus, and I ask all clients or visitors to my healthcare facility to continue wearing a face covering mask when coming for treatment.

Energia Vital Acupuncture Clinic is open for treatments, and using a new practice management and online booking platform  (Practice Better) to offer and monitor services and with a Client Portal where you request appointments, such as an Initial Consultation or a therapy session and to communicate directly with me.

As part of my protocol, I will need to ask you a few triage questions that will be sent to you when you request a booking, for this reason I might phone you before your visit.

Please visit my blog posts and read further advice that I give to my patients when booking for an acupuncture appointment, click here and read the posts, thank you.

Please phone me if you need more advice or want to discuss your situation, book a face-to-face appointment or an online consultation.

I hope that you and your loved ones stay safe and healthy during this very stressful time and I look forward to seeing and treating you again soon.

Best wishes,


Welcome to Energia Vital Acupuncture Clinic & Holistic Healthcare

With over 30 years experience in the Complementary and Alternative Medicine sector, Energia Vital Acupuncture Clinic & Holistic Healthcare provides Chinese Classic Acupuncture and Nutritional Advice, Acupressure, Ear Acupuncture, Facial Acupuncture, Therapeutic Energy Kinesiology, Orchid Essences, Korean Hand Therapy, Meditation, Reiki treatments and Reiki training courses (attunements). Helping you to improve your health and manage stress, but it is important to highlight that any of the above therapies can be used as support techniques to a conventional treatment or on its own.

Energia Vital Acupuncture Clinic in Congleton

MARILIA BLACKBURN is the owner of Energia Vital, an acupuncture clinic in Congleton, Cheshire. A holistic therapies clinic that is constantly growing and adapting to offer new services and treatments to its clients. Marilia is a qualified Acupuncturist, with an MSc in Nutrition & Health and is a Reiki Master/Teacher and her idealism is the driving force of all the activities in her clinic. You will be welcomed with professionalism and attention by someone that cares about your health and well-being.

Energia Vital Acupuncture Clinic offers Classic Chinese Acupuncture and nutritional advice

Who we are and what we do:

Marilia is a registered member of The Acupuncture Society, bound by a strict Code of Ethics, Rules and Regulations and a Code of professional Conduct.

Marilia has an MSc in Nutrition and Health with distinction, and is always seeking to improve her skills to better support her patients' health.

ENERGIA VITAL Acupuncture Clinic & Holistic Healthcare is located in the market town of Congleton, in Cheshire, in a three storey prestigious Georgian grade II listed property, a beautiful and functional building near the town centre and two public car parks. The premises are part of the Congleton Complementary & Alternative Medical Centre, that houses other related businesses.

Acupuncture, nutrition and other therapies can offer improvement and relief to a range of conditions such as back, muscles and joints pain, digestive problems, migraine and other general health issues. Navigate through the website and learn more about what we offer. You can also contact us and book an initial consultation to help you to decide which treatment to choose.

Treatments are personalised and can be booked on a weekly basis according to the evaluation made during the first consultation. Every person has particularities that need to be taken into account when choosing what technique suits that person better.

Energia Vital is listed at Find a Therapy.

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Energia Vital offers Acupuncture consultation and multi-therapies for fertility and weight loss

Initial Consultation

When you first come to Energia Vital, we listen to your problems and offer the treatment that you are looking for and we can also inform you about the different treatments, give advice on nutrition and healthy lifestyle that could be suitable to your constitution and actual condition. At the end of the consultation you receive the first treatment session.

Book online your initial consultation here!

Our Goals

Our goals are to help people to live a healthier life, free from pain and other stress symptoms. Our objectives are not only to treat your health now, but also to give you advice on maintaining improved health for the future. At Energia Vital you will enjoy deep relaxation and receive treatments that will benefit body and soul and will receive advice to support a healthy nutrition and lifestyle.

Energia Vital Acupuncture Clinic offers acupuncture as support for improving fertility
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Wellness Products

Energia Vital offers workshops, tasters and free roll-out massage to introduce products of Japanese technology developed over the past 45 years based on a philosophy  to provide a supportive environment for our bodies, and to help restore balance in life, through the 5 Pillars of Health: Healthy mind, healthy body, healthy family, healthy finances and healthy society.

Visit Marilia's Nikken website here!

“Acupuncture and massage combined with the skillful hands of Marilia has helped me through a difficult and traumatic operation, with the pain and anxiety before and with my recovery after. Marilia is a very caring and understanding lady and I still continue to value her treatment and advice for my well-being. My heartfelt thanks.”

Mary Roddis

“Acupuncture helped me considerably with severe back ache. It is a holistic treatment which releases deeply held emotions and allows your body to relax. It brings imaginative insights and allows you to understand yourself better.”


“An Acupuncture session with Marilia is a very relaxing and uplifting experience. My fear of needles was dealt with carefully and conscientiously. The results and feelings of well being overshadow any slight discomfort felt.”

Sharon Bowen

Ready to find out more?

You can book your first consultation or your routine appointment via our website. If the time slot that would suit you better is not available, please call us to find out the best option to suit your needs.