Marilia Blackburn MAcS, MSChem, CertKHT(Seoul)
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My name is Marilia Blackburn and I am passionate about my work and particularly I love studying all aspects of healing in all levels, physical, emotional and spiritual.

Since young age I have been interested in studying science but also ancient philosophies and spirituality. I was born in Brazil and I graduated at Universidade de Sao Paulo (USP S. Carlos) in Brazil as Bachelor and Master in Chemistry (Physical Chemistry). By 1985 my search of spiritual values and understanding of life and self-knowledge had taken a major role in my life. This search led me to my first contact with Acupuncture and other aspects of the Chinese tradition.

The findings brought about an important transformation in my life and I left behind a career in Chemistry and an ongoing PhD to dedicate myself to the study and practice of Acupuncture. I started an in-depth study and qualified as Acupuncturist at the Associaçao Brasileira de Acupuntura (ABA) – Brazilian Acupuncture Society – and in 1991 I initiated my career practising Acupuncture and Acupressure, a devoted and successful work that is still developing as I learn other therapies like Reflexology, Reiki and Kinesiology.

Marilia Acupuncturist

Marilia Blackburn

In 1993, continuing my search for knowledge of the complexity of our souls with the study of ancient traditions and theosophy, I entered an initiation school, Sociedade Brasileira de Eubiose (SBE), where I have got in contact with very important and life-changing knowledge and understanding of Life. But my life was about to go through another change. I decided to follow my heart and get married and, in 2001, I moved to live in Cheshire, England, the place that I call home and where I am carrying on with my life journey.

I would be naive thinking that my search of spiritual and self-knowledge had come to an end yet, I really do not think that it is possible to reach this intent in one life only. But I am sure that I can offer my knowledge, work and dedicated practice to serve those who are trying to answer that ancient call… “Know thyself”.