Cold as external cause of diseases

Internal and external causes of diseasecold winter

A few days ago I described the aim of Acupuncture as to re-establish and maintain the balance of our Vital Energy, and I also describe some characteristics of Yin and Yang energies.

Now, I want to point out the causes of diseases according to the Chinese Medicine. In general, there are two main types of causes for imbalance of our vital energy, the external and the internal ones.

EXTERNAL CAUSES can be the pathogenic energies related to the weather (in the forms of heat/fire, cold, dampness, dryness and wind) and the food intoxication or accidents.

INTERNAL CAUSES can be psychological or emotional (anger, joy, worries, fear, sadness), the excesses and stress of daily life and inherited deficiencies.

It may sound strange to state that the weather can bring pathogenic energies. I will analyse the example of the energy of COLD, as we are at that time of the year when we suffer the consequences of cold weather with more intensity.

Cold as external cause of disease

Cold is Yin and will affect the Yang part of our vital energy. A very cold day during the summer season or an extremely cold spell during winter can be considered pathogenic and, if our defensive energy (that has a Yang characteristic) is not strong enough, the pathogenic external cold can invade our energetic system.

The accumulation of excess cold in our system will cause obstruction in the energy channels and blood vessels slowing down their circulation, and some of the consequences may be chilliness, aversion to cold with desire of warmth but difficulty in warming up, abdominal pain that is worse with pressure, abundant urination, painful contraction of muscles, painful joints or rheumatic pain.

An Acupuncturist is trained to recognise all the signs of an attack of pathogenic energy and to treat the different consequences of such attacks.

The most common consequences of external cold invasion are the painful syndromes and rheumatism. Cold is treated by application of heat to re-invigorate the circulation and disperse the stagnated energy. Needles, moxa and massage are the main instruments of the Acupuncturist  but we are also able to use a Chinese heating lamp (TDP lamp) that is also very effective.

At this time of the year we also see an increase of the cases of cold and flu symptoms and acupuncture is also very helpful in treating those symptoms and in improving the defensive energy that is related to our immune system. You can book a consultation with Marilia for more information and an acupuncture treatment, just visit the booking page click on this link here.

In my next article I will give a few suggestions of natural treatments for cold and flu symptoms that are very common at this time of the year. Please read the next article too!

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