Independent Nikken Consultant Marilia Blackburn

Improved Vital Energy = Health and well-being with fantastic products

As a registered acupuncturist with more than 28 years experience in Complementary Healthcare, and as an  Independent Wellness Consultant for Nikken, my commitment is not only to treat problems now, but also to advise on maintaining improved health for the future.Independent Nikken consultant Marilia Blackburn - rollout massage

I have discovered a fascinating Japanese company, Nikken, which has been working in improving peoples well-being and relieving stress for more than 40 years.

I have come to understand the importance of our habits, lifestyle, and environment in dealing with our day-to-day well-being and future health experiences and outcomes – not only do these things affect our how we feel now but also affect the future of our children.

Did you know that the lifestyle and environment of a pregnant mother has now been shown to affect the future health of her grandchildren?

Information is paramount, so we can adapt our lifestyle and environment to achieve and keep better health for now and for the future. With that in mind, I can as an independent wellness consultant for Nikken bring you products and information to help you and your family.

Working as an Independent Wellness Consultant for Nikken I can now also dedicate time to my passion to share information on how you can improve your nutrition, the quality of your sleep, reduce stress and feel more energetic with its fantastic products that can bring tremendous improvement to people’s lives and environment.

Energia Vital offers workshops, tasters and free roll-out massage so clients and friends can experience products like powerful magnets, water filter, sleep system and nutritionals. You can find more information on wellness products products and business opportunity on Marilia’s Nikken Independent Consultant webpage.

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