Online Acupressure During Quarantine

online acupressure session

Acupressure session online as an option to acupuncture during lock-down.

During the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak and lock-down or quarantine since March 2020, online acupressure became the best option to acupuncture treatments.

Traditional Chinese Medicine is a health system that includes acupuncture (and moxibustion), acupressure or massage (and cupping or gua-sha), nutrition, herbal treatments, exercises such as Qi Gong and Tai Chi and meditation.

Acupuncture points (acupoints) accept a diverse number of stimuli on them, the most known stimulus is the needle as used in acupuncture, but massage is also a well known stimulus and can be performed with hands, fingers, thumbs, knuckles, gua-sha boards, tooth picks or other blunt objects; acupoints also can be stimulated with light, LED or laser and heat (moxibustion) or tapping that is a more recent type of therapy that stimulates certain acupuncture points with the intention of changing the energy that circulates in our body.

If you are feeling tense, with muscle aches, or stressed during the lock-down it is important that you look for ways to relax and get rid of the harmful effects of the stress, anxiety and tension on your immune system and health and acupressure online session might help you.

Acupressure is not as potent as acupuncture but it is still a fantastic option also for people that are afraid of needles and I believe that it should be used now during this time of social distancing, while we cannot have a face-to-face appointment with our acupuncturist or holistic therapist.

I have helped a lot of people to relax and diminish the symptoms of stress and anxiety or pain even without having to touch them, and that is why I am now offering online sessions with video (Zoom) or over the phone, and I use acupressure together with relaxation and meditation techniques and nutritional advice, so I can carry on helping my patients.

Of course this is a moment of crises that is affecting all of us on planet Earth at the moment, and we all have to look for ways to cope with the changes that are happening. The use of technology may sound daunting for many of us; I am not used to making films of myself and, although I am not shy in person, I am not one hundred percent comfortable with making videos of myself to self promote, but if that will help you out there, that is looking for a support that I can give, so why not face my own challenges?

Then, being brief and to the point (no pun intended) if you want to try an online session in the comfort of your own home but want a little more details, please read my other post “online appointments FAQ” and phone me or book online!

For those that do not know me of visited my clinic before, I am a registered member of The Acupuncture Society, bound by a strict Code of Ethics, Rules and Regulations and a Code of professional Conduct.

I also have achieved in 2019 an MSc in Nutrition and Health with distinction, improving my skills to better support my patients' health.

My best wishes for health and prosperity for us all,


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