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Online Appointments

Due to the coronavirus outbreak I had to temporarily close my clinic for face-to-face acupuncture and reiki appointments.

I have been looking for options on how to continue to serve my patients and help them during this time of crises and the only option I found is one that challenges myself as well as others that, like me, are shy of cameras.

As online sessions during lock-down are the only option, I have to do that and I started offering video appointments, but I realised that things are not as difficult as they seem, as it often happens.

online appointment

During the online sessions I suggest that we use ZOOM. I will be listening to your health concerns; you will be able to share with me your worries and/or emotions; we will chat about it and I will offer advice to you to the best of my abilities. I can suggest a variety of self healing treatments, and I can demonstrate and teach you for example how to do acupressure massage, and/or tapping for acupuncture points related to your problems, I can help you to relax with a guided relaxation or meditation, and I might give you nutritional advice according to your needs.

After the session I will send you an email with a link for you to download and keep the video or sound recording of our session, and I might send you more information via email if needed.

Please, find below a few frequently asked questions and after that, if you would like to find out more to decide if the online treatment is something that you would like to try, you can contact me, so please call me and we can discuss it briefly.

My best wishes for your health,


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Zoom is an internet software or service used for video meetings (one-to-one) and conferences or seminars presented online to an audience (webinars). It works with a software that you download and install on your PC, laptop, MAC, tablet or phone.
  • Using the virtual conversation the patient can ask questions and I can give advice on self treatment at home. I can share the screen of my computer and show you instructions that I can send to you later on after the session. I can also record the appointments and I can send you an email with a link for the video or audio file for you to keep.
  • Previous to the appointment, you can download ZOOM going to and following the link to sign up for a free account, or if you cannot download, there is an option to use ZOOM from your browser, you will find the information when you use the link to start the session, I can explain that to you over the phone prior to your first video appointment, if you need assistance.
  • If you want to use ZOOM on your phone or tablet, you should download and install the ZOOM App from your Google Play store or Apple App Store, according to your device.
  • You can phone me or send me an email and we will have a brief chat, we agree a time for the appointment and I will answer your doubts about the use of ZOOM for our session;
  • Another option is that you can still use the same online appointment service that I have been using for many years, you will receiving emails with the confirmation of the booking, containing also the link for the video call, and as always you will receive text reminder 24 hours before the session.
  • After you complete the booking you will automatically receive an email with a unique link for our online session, you just need to click on the link when it is time for your appointment.
  • I set up the appointment, and at the appointed time we start our conversation, during the video call you will tell me your concerns, we will discuss them, I will ask you questions as if you were on a face to face appointment with me at the clinic, and I will advice which self treatments you should follow;
  • There are several self care treatment options, and they are not a set program, the choices depend on your issues or concerns; If you are anxious or stressed, I might take you through a breathing and relaxation technique before I teach you how to do self massage or acupressure on points that I will have chosen based on your situation.
  • I might as well give you nutritional advice on what foods to eat to help your energetic constitution, or I might suggest high quality supplements to support your immune system. The choices are many and each session is different as they are made to address your unique needs.
  • First Video Consultation, lasting 1 hour and 30 minutes, costs £58
  • Subsequent video session, lasting 1 hour, costs £ 45
  • Short video session, lasting 30 minutes £ 25
  • Appointments booked online, and first time consultations booked over the phone require a deposit payment of 20% of the cost of session, that you can pay with PayPal (you do not need to have a PayPal account to do that), just follow the instructions on the appointment service if you are using the online appointment system that you find on my website on the book now page.
  • You can also pay your session, or remainder when we are on the session by debit or credit card.

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