Re-opening of Acupuncture Clinic

I am pleased to announce the re-opening of my acupuncture clinic!

The Acupuncture Society, which I am a member of, has advised its members that we are now allowed to resume treatments and consultations only to patients who need emergency acupuncture treatments in clinic at the moment, where the client has had a medical diagnosis and has confirmed in writing that they are in extreme pain for which they cannot obtain other pain relief. Treatments should also be restricted to non-vulnerable groups.

Acupuncture for lower back

This will comply with Government, NHS and HSE guidelines to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus and will be subject to strict PPE, Distancing, Triaging, Risk Assessments and Health and Safety considerations. These COVID-19 guidelines are in addition to the Acupuncture Society existing safe practice codes and regulations.

During this first phase of reopening, I am not seeing the clinically vulnerable and extremely vulnerable groups and pregnant patients should not be treated.

You can book online going to my Book Now page clicking on this link.

These are my advice to my clients:

  • You can attend the clinic after we have had a phone conversation for triage;
  • For safety reasons, to enter the building you will need to wear a face mask. Please bring your own face mask, a homemade mask is acceptable;
  • Appointments will be kept within a timeframe not to overlap and I will come to the door to great you when you arrive;
  • I will provide hand sanitizer for you when you arrive;
  • Please when in the building keep safe by observing social distancing of 2 meters to other people that might be arriving or in the building, there will be no waiting area;
  • If for any reason I would be delayed, I might ask you to wait outside until it is safe to enter the building, if you want you can ring or text me to confirm that appointments are running to schedule;
  • For the treatment, please wear comfortable clothes like loose leg trousers or shorts (weather permitting) and if you have long hair, please bring something to tie it back;
  • I ask you to inform me if your develop Covid-19 symptoms or have a confirmed diagnosis of Covid-19 within 14 days of leaving my practice;

But please, after reading all these rules, do not be alarmed; do not fear, because a pandemic of fear is worse than any other, remember that your mental and emotional wellbeing matter a lot to me! This too shall pass.

Marilia Blackburn

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