Here are some testimonials from my clients, printed with their permission:

I would highly recommend a visit to Marilia. After nearly three years of constant knee she has successfully reduced it to being pain free some days and just there on others. I was advised to have a knee replacement but with acupuncture and other self help I am now able to do tasks that would have be near impossible three months ago and a knee replacement is not on the agenda. Marilia is a very calming, kind and caring lady and I felt confident in her treatment and advise. Thank you doesn’t come close as she has given me my life back.

“I contacted Marilia after a recommendation from a friend and I am really glad I did. This was my 3rd pregnancy and I had previously suffered severely with SPD. Marilia undertook a program of acupuncture to not only help my SPD, but also lack of energy, back pain and pain management during labour. This was by far the best pregnancy of all 3 as whilst my SPD did occur, it was much more manageable. To put this into context I ended up in a wheelchair during my first, on crutches with my second and with my third I was looking after a 3 and 5 year old and still getting around. I cannot recommend Marilia highly enough for her approach, advice and professionalism and would not hesitate in any way recommending her.”

“Having had to cope with chronic back pain and neck pain for many years, the last flare up found me looking for some relief with Acupuncture as I have had a good response from this type of treatment before, but is always very expensive. I decided to take advantage of the affordable Tuesdays available on offer at Energia Vital, although it is a communal service Marilia takes great care to keep it as private and personal as she can. Her kindness and professional approach s very rewarding and has also been a great support after my recent surgery to my neck, The communal area is a very warm and comforting area for you to relax while receiving your treatment.”

“Acupuncture and massage combined with the skillful hands of Marilia has helped me through a difficult and traumatic operation, with the pain and anxiety before and with my recovery after. Marilia is a very caring and understanding lady and I still continue to value her treatment and advice for my well-being. My heartfelt thanks.”

“Acupuncture helped me considerably with severe back ache. It is a holistic treatment which releases deeply held emotions and allows your body to relax. It brings imaginative insights and allows you to understand yourself better.”

“We had been trying for about 2 years to conceive a second child, without any successes other than one pregnancy which ended in a missed miscarriage. I read that a lot of people used acupuncture to help with conception, so along with seeing a consultant, I also started to see Marilia. After a relatively short amount of time and with no medication whatsoever from the consultant, I conceived, but lost this and 2 other very early pregnancies (but at least this was progress!) Finally, I conceived naturally again, and am now 8 months pregnant with our second child. I believe that Marilia’s help has played an important part in this pregnancy, which has been really quite smooth and uncomplicated. I fully intend to keep seeing Marilia over the next few months, and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to anybody even considering it.”

“I first went to Marilia for help after I had experienced 2 miscarriages. On our first consultation she listened carefully to my experiences and offered to help me. She helped me to get my cycle back on track and to conceive again, which I did! I found out I was pregnant again 3 weeks after my first acupuncture appointment, after trying for months prior to that. From then on I attended weekly acupuncture appointments for 14 weeks to keep the pregnancy strong and balanced, then continued to attend once a month till the end of my pregnancy. I delivered my healthy baby boy in December 2011 and I truly believe Marilia and her skills helped me conceive and keep the pregnancy going strong. For that me and my husband are both truly grateful to her for helping us achieve what we were so longing for. I will be back for when we decide to have baby number 2 ;-)”

“An Acupuncture session with Marilia is a very relaxing and uplifting experience. My fear of needles was dealt with carefully and conscientiously. The results and feelings of well being overshadow any slight discomfort felt.”

“Acupuncture with Marilia is a deeply relaxing experience. She takes great care to find the right treatment and is very gentle with the needles. It can help with many ailments and conditions.”


“Marilia’s professionalism and genuine care for her clients in a calm and trusting environment has helped me through an extremely stressful period of life. From the loss of my father from cancer, whom Marilia treated for pain as he had encountered many unpleasant side effects with traditional pain killers. To the birth of my little boy, Marilia treated me throughout my IVF treatment and I truly believe that without her help my son would not be here. Prior to seeing Marilia I had tried acupuncture with skepticism and disappointment but my view changed once I met Marilia and I now continue to attend sessions for my general well being.”

Highly recommended! Marilia is extremely knowledgeable, professional and approachable. Her knowledge, skills and personal approach made me feel better almost instantly. Her sessions were very relaxing and customized to my needs. She also told me a lot about the diet and certain foods and spices which helped me get better. I can honestly say she helped me recover and I would not hesitate to recommend her services. Thank you!

I highly recommend acupuncture treatment with Marilia. Marilia is calm, kind and knowledgeable. Her advice and treatment for emotional and physical wellbeing is outstanding. Thank you, Marilia.

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