I am excited to start offering Thermal Auricular Therapy here at Energia Vital!

For a long time many of my regular clients have asked me if I offered ear candling and I did not, but only until I have tried the treatment for myself, as I always try any treatment before deciding to offer to my clients.

So, recently, I tried the ear candling and the result was that I found it really very relaxing and decided to have the training to be able to offer it in my clinic. I now offer ear candling or, as I prefer to call it, Thermal Auricular Therapy. My treatment consists of  the application of the candles first and a final very relaxing a relaxing facial gua-sha and acupressure facial massage. That way I can add my well-known techniques to this new relaxing treatment.

The ear candles used are Biosun and are made from premium quality, pesticide-free untreated woven cotton, with pure beeswax, honey, and herbal essences of sage, St. John’s wort and chamomile, providing a very gentle and relaxing warmth and aroma while burning. With the first session you will need to fill in a questionnaire so I can assess if the treatment is right for you.

You can book online to have this relaxing session now at Energia Vital!