Weight management with multi-therapy approach.

Are you struggling to keep your ideal weight?

Are you tired of Yo-Yo diets?

Would you like to learn a good approach for your healthy eating?

One of the biggest challenges public health faces today is weight management.

I have been always passionate about finding the best way to health and well-being. Over the years in my work I have been practising techniques and therapies that can help my patients to make effect changes in their lifestyles, slim and keep the weight off, and that includes finding a healthier approach to eating.

I am studying for an MSc in Nutrition and Health; and I combine the Chinese Medicine approach to food with that of the western way.

Now at Energia Vital you can experience a multi-therapy approach to weight management, with emphasis in weight loss.

What does the treatment include?

I am offering a package of therapy sessions and nutritional advice based on my knowledge of Chinese Medicine, and also information from my recent studies.

You come for a first consultation and I can suggest a number of therapies applied in two sessions a week to kick-start the treatment.

The therapies I use consist of mainly Acupuncture and Ear Acupuncture, Cupping, supplemented by Korean Hand Therapy, Moxibustion, Muscle Taping, Magnets and also Relaxation/Meditation.

For those that are afraid of Acupuncture needles there are techniques with or without needles.

When you come for your appointment you will answer to a few questions, I will examine your pulse and tongue, since that will help me to determine your energy imbalance and constitution. And finally I will suggest a change to your diet.

We will discuss your targets and you will receive the first therapy session at the end of the consultation and we will then plan the subsequent sessions.

I offer this treatment as a package of consultation plus 7 sessions with the duration of 4 weeks in total and my clients can booked those at the end of the consultation.

I need your commitment so I can do my best to help you to achieve success!